Smashing Sirdar sale!

There’s a sale going on:

Knit one

of some of Sirdar’s yarns, including many from their premium Sublime range. And they are delicious!

sale yarns window selection

Let’s have a closer look:


That Simply Recycled is a lovely yellow, for instance – other colours are available – and knits up very nicely. Or then there’s Smiley Stripes (at the front of the previous photo), a Sublime yarn with bamboo supposedly for baby and children’s knits, but which looks equally good made into something like a simple summer cowl for a grown up… sigh!

The holiday season for some is coming to an end, but for others it is just starting, and September is a great time to visit this area, incidentally, when we often have gorgeous weather, so much so that there’s a phrase for it: haf bach Mihangel, St Michael’s little summer. And it’s worth remembering that yarn bought when you’re on holiday doesn’t count as adding to the stash. Ahem.

And, as you might expect, the whole sale has been well supervised:

the boss

The Boss likes to keep an eye on things (and has a lovely new collar).

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