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At last, Gib gets nearer to the love of his life … yes you’ve guessed it … Bramble!

It was a wet and dreary Friday yesterday. The shop was heaving with holiday makers happily leafing through patterns and wools. In the middle of the crowd in walked Bev with the ever hopeful Gib. Gib is in love. Despite not being the same species he suffers from a long held unrequited love for Bramble.

Bramble of course is indifferent to his sad plight (though I have a sneaking suspicion she enjoys the attention). Whenever Gib pays a visit to the wool shop he watches the doorway to the stockroom ears aquiver, every part of him anticipating a glimpse of his ‘one true love’. Invariably Bramble, sensing an alien presence, saunters down from whichever nest in the house she is sleeping in to pose in front of him, look superior, hiss in his general direction and stalk off. Poor poor Gib.


To get back to yesterday morning … Gib was in luck. Bramble sauntered into the middle of the shop and sat on the basket above his head. Dear little fellow thought his luck was in until he realised she might just pounce. She didn’t but he retreated, remaining content to peep out from behind Bev’s legs and dream that perhaps if she did swoop down it would be for a kiss. Dream on Gib!

Gib and Bramble


Still life with cat

Cats are always perfectly dressed for any occasion – have you not noticed this? On this ‘occasion’ there was just enough room for this cat to look her best on the window sill.

Bramble the wool shop cat

I have been known to spend the evening clearing up and re-sorting my needle pots because Bramble needed considerably more room to arrange herself elegantly. As you can see I will knit with anything that has a point at the end, however, since opening Knit one … I have been seduced by Addi circular needles (mine are packed away carefully in their folder where Bramble cannot kick them out of the way because she needs more space – or my immediate attention!).